All about electrical inspections

An electrical inspection is a very important part of a new construction or addition to a home or office. Many times, the electrical wiring in a home or office is the last thing to get done, but it is also the most complicated system within the space. Having a proper inspection done to ensure that the building is up to code is important because most municipalities require such inspections.

When hiring someone for an electrical inspection, it is wise to call on a professional electrician who knows exactly how to complete the inspection and is qualified enough to offer advice if there are problems. Many times, buildings will fail electrical inspections, but the owners will not know what the problems are or how to fix them. Having this information on-hand will help when an electrician is called back out to the scene to get repairs completed.

When working with an inspector, it is best to take notes and walk along with the inspector as they do their work. Contractors and builders should also take great care to learn as much as they can from the inspector so that mistakes will not be repeated. Having a building or addition finished on-time and under-budget is very important to everyone involved, but not having any real information after a failed inspection is not helpful.

Be certain to plan ahead for electrical inspections so that the inspector can get to all of the locations in the building, take notes during the inspection, and draw as much knowledge as possible from the experience to make future inspections go more smoothly. These inspections are required, and should be seen as a learning and quality control opportunity.